Easter Weekend !


We loaded up the car and made our way to the middle of Iowa on Sunday morning. We’ve wanted to see my parents for awhile.  It seems like the past four years we’ve had many activities (sports activities) that have prevented us from making the trip.  My mother loves Easter.  She loves making Ham Balls, potatoes and all kinds of goodies. I couldn’t disappoint, so after she pleaded with me to please make sure everyone could make the trip I stuck with our decision to travel.  It’s only a three hour ride, but a boring one that makes it feel more like a five hour drive.




Here’s Aunt Titi



My handsome cousin Paul with his beautiful family.


My dear grandmother who will be turning 95 this upcoming Sept.


My sister and mother.  It’s been a long time since we’ve all three taken a photo together.



I wanted a photo of all the boys but sweet Mia girl had to wiggle her way into the photo 🙂


This little guy even had a great time. Today 4.18.17 he is eight months old.  He’s the sweetest little boy ever.  He loves to snuggle and giggle when I tickle his little chin.

His very first Easter.


A Sweet Visit ~


Friday after work we simply relaxed. Bryton played XBOX ONE as I sat and talked with Tia about getting a few more wedding things crossed of the TO DO LIST.

This sweet bunny of mine (Bella) needed a little TLC.


J came home from Lincoln to attend a fundraiser at a local elementary school.  He and a few other college athletes met up at the school and were a big hit with all the kids.  Being a HUSKER Football player for the past five years makes you kinda a BIG deal around here.




J came home with some nice new medals.  All for excellence in GIVING back to the community with donating his time for many volunteer programs.



It’s amazing how much a college athlete really volunteers in his community.  These athletes and students not only attend classes (most a full-time student) but also attend many many meetings with their position coaches and also attend practice.  Their days are completely filled.  So when these student athletes also volunteer on weekends by helping feed the homeless or walk on the benefit to help Jack, they go to hospitals and see sick patients too.  I’m so glad they are recognized.  They deserve to be recognized.

We are catching up today with laundry and some minor cleaning before heading off on a short trip to Iowa tomorrow to see family.

Friday Favorites !


Today I’m linking up with a few bloggers for Friday Favorites.

I treated myself to a box of four, yes four chocolate covered strawberries this week.  I needed a treat after a week of training. We have a Russell Stover not to far from our home. Yes, I’m tempted more often than not to grab myself something on a daily basis.




My second favorite are these pretty flowers that I picked up at Target this past week.

It makes me happy having a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in our home.



My sister came into Omaha this past weekend and we took the kids and grand kids to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo.  Have you been ? If not our zoo is runner up this year to The St. Louis Zoo for Being The Best. You have to check it out, I promise you there are so many beautiful exhibits.





Fourth.  I’m loving these kids right here. We snapped a quick photo together on our patio last night.  They always surprise us with a quick little visit throughout the week ! Miss Mia isn’t in this photo cause she was busy watering the one flower we have in our yard.


Here’s to a wonderful easter Weekend.

Wednesday Happenings



They make me smile, put a little pep in my step and most of all make our home feel so much more like SPRING time.

I usually pick up a bouquet or two each week when I make a trip to Target.




And these beauties.  Chocolate covered strawberries 🙂

I treated myself to four.  Just four of these will satisfy my craving.

This little treat has always been my “go to” for comfort.

A bit of fruit and a lot of chocolate makes this girl happy.


They are huge and oh oh so delicious.



We have a Russel Stover’s not to far from our home.  I’m in training this week for my job.  Today I felt a little overwhelmed and so this little treat is just what I needed.  Learning new stuff is always overwhelming.  I try to take deep breaths and just learn as much as I can.

Happy Tuesday !

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo


My sister and two of her kids came to Omaha on Saturday. We only live about three hours away from each other so trips should be more often for both of us.  It always seems like our kids have activities that makes it more challenging to pick up and drive for three hours.  So we take visits from them when we can. We made our way downtown to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  We both hadn’t taken our kids or the grands for a few years so this visit to the zoo was long overdue.

Have you been ?  If not you’re simply missing out.  Our zoo was nominated runner up to being one of the BEST.




The buttery fly aquarium is also amazing.  Here the girls had a few butterflies land on them.









I love love their smiles.





It was a tough start to the day.  The little’s wanted to eat, all I heard from their little mouths was “I’m hungry”. If you know the zoo and the prices they charge for a hotdog, you’ll think twice about taking anyone on an empty stomach.  After filling up their tummies we ended up having a grand time.

There’s so many things to see, such as The Desert Dome, The Aquarium and The Jungle. You really need to allow yourself to be there right when the gates open.  You’ll want to see it all,  I promise.

The weather was perfection too.